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Pass the Windex Please Part 1

wildmanwill84 December 16, 2013

Pass the Windex Please Part 1

I hope everyone is doing well and spending each day getting closer and closer to their fitness goals. Not much has changed on my end: still bulking, sticking to the meal plan and doing the workouts written by Coach Steve. So, since there is not much new on my end I have decided to use this week’s blog to take on the most annoying and poorly used fitness phrase: “clean eating”.

(I have broken this blog into 2 Parts. Part 1 is going to focus on the stupidity that is clean eating and Part 2 is going to focus on the better alternative nutrient dense eating.)

Clean eating has become the latest in health and fitness insanity. What once started as a good idea has turned to the opposite. Here is the thing clean-eating-mememy friends, and I’m going to say it loud, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CLEAN EATING!!! I can’t stress that enough. It’s false, it’s fake, it doesn’t exist. In fact, the people who continually use the phrase are the same people who only a few years back said they only eat organic. All that has changed is the words, their superior and holier than thou attitude has not. Think about the people who say they eat clean, what are they really saying? “I’m better then you because I eat clean” or “I’m healthier then you because I eat clean” blah, blah, blah! It’s just a bunch of crap from people who need to feel special.

Clean eating began to take roots when more and more people realized that the more processed or “fake” a food is, the worse it is for you. That is a good thing. The bad started when people started to call the “good” foods clean and bad foods “dirty”. This is wrong because it implies bad vs good when it comes to food. I can assure you that I and many others can argue that any food is bad or good. For example someone may say bananas are good to eat. In turn I will say actually bananas in a high volume can be toxic to the body. This brings me to why “clean eating” is such a dunce thing to say or follow. It’s because it has no clear definition, it changes based upon the person you are talking to.

For Example:

If you ask a bodybuilder he or she will say

Good: Red Meat, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Whole wheat bread, Whole wheat pasta

Excuse me no. This is the dumb. Unless you are training in the mud you are not "Training Dirty" shut the heck up!

Excuse me no. This is the dumb. Unless you are training in the mud you are not “Training Dirty” shut the heck up!

Bad: Fruit and Dairy


If you ask a Vegetarian he or she will say

Good: All fruits and veggies, milk, tofu, soy

Bad: MEAT!!


If you ask a Vegan he or she will say

Good: Organic fruit and veggies, soy, pea protein

Bad: MEAT! Dairy or anything that comes from an animal


If you ask a Paelo person he or she will say

Good: Red Meat, Bacon, Eggs

Bad: Legumes, Wheat based products, gluten


imagesThat is four different definitions of what clean eating is. You can’t base a diet or a way of eating around something that changes based on who you talk to. Those are four different lifestyles. So, unless you want to follow that lifestyle, don’t follow their definitions of eating. As one of my biggest inspirations, Dr. Layne Norton says, “the idea of clean eating is foolish, the idea that foods are dirty. What did you wash your food in Windex to make it clean”.

Before clean eating evolved into the realm of stupidity a few years back. The idea of eating foods high in nutrients was a fantastic switch from the processed world we all came to know and love. So let’s stop with the idea of clean eating and focus on the reality of nutrient dense eating. Regardless of who you talk to or whatever lifestyle they live, we can all agree on one definition of nutrient dense eating. Eat foods that are high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fat. There you go; it’s as simple as that. Now go back up to the list of the different lifestyles and look at all the foods on the good and bad lists. Notice that each of those foods is high in nutrients regardless of being called bad or good by a certain lifestyle choice.

So friends, please stop listening to these clean eating nut jobs, because that is exactly what they are, NUT JOBS!! Let them live high on their horse and eat their washed in Windex food. Let them live in their world. Trust me you do not want to be a part of it.

Part 2 will be posted before the end of this next week. Until then, I want you guys to really think about the foods that you are eating. Really think about the ingredients that go into those foods and what affects they have on your health and physique.

I’m sure this blog is going to ruffle some feathers. Those clean eaters are dogmatic in their idiotic beliefs. I’m also sure that you may have questions. So, please, hop on over to Facebook and post any questions or comments regarding this blog on my wall. I always encourage healthy debate.  If you are not already friends with me on Facebook, just type in Will Wilson and send me a request. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @wildmanwill84.

Thanks for reading this week’s entry and get excited for Part 2!


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