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Well…now what? Part 2 thats what!

wildmanwill84 November 26, 2013

WOW, what a few weeks it has been. First we had the big show on November 16th (more on that to come) and then the following week I started at a new location with Life Time. A lot has happened, and although I missed a blog or two, I can assure you that I didn’t miss a workout. Always, always make time for your workouts. Now let’s dive into it, we have a lot to cover.


What a great experience it was to be at the Kevin Noble Midwest Muscle Mania. So many talented competitors, so many fans and of course lots of Fitastic. As all of you know I was at the Fitastic booth standing loud and proud with my Wild Will Transformation board. It was great to meet so many of you and hear your kind words of congratulations and answering any and all questions that you guys had. I heard so many great and positive things.  It became overwhelming at one point (in a good way). I felt very proud to know that my hard work was able to help inspire others. I was also inspired and became even more determined to take the stage by storm on May 17th, hit that side twist physique pose and blow the roof off of the auditorium. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since the show. It was also great to see my Coach, Mr. Fitastic himself, Steve win his class. I am so proud to be working with a man who talks, lives, eats and breathes the life style. I look forward to seeing you all again on May 17th when the Wild Will Transformation goes from the booth to the stage.


Part 2!!!

Speaking of stage we are moving to Part 2 of the Wild Will Transformation next week. A lot of you expressed concerns about “what now”.  You’ve lost the weight, now what are you going to do. I understand that question and concern. Just think about how many people you know yo-yo diet and go up and down in weight. Someone loses weight and then usually gains it all right back plus a few extra pounds. Well that is because their only goal was weight loss. They either didn’t have a plan for after the weight loss, or they go back to way they were eating before. This is why we have discussed in detail why diets don’t work.  Now as for Part 2, I don’t have all the details yet, nor do I want to spoil any surprises. All I can tell you is that Part 2 is going to focus on bulking up and adding lots of lean muscle tissue to my frame. Now I don’t foresee Coach allowing me to bulk with crap foods (not his style), nor do I want to. I have maintained my discipline from Part 1. Coach and I are getting together next week after the holiday to go over the plans for adding muscle: the meals, the workouts, and all the good fun details that I will be sharing with you as time goes on. So get excited!



For the mean time, some of you have asked, “where you are now?”,  “Are you still eating the same foods as before?”, “have you gained weight?”  I am happy to say I have not gained much weight back (only single digits). I am still eating, for the most part, the same foods as I was before. Right now I am following the 80/20 plan, 80% of my food is nutrient dense and the other 20% is not the 100% perfect foods to be eating (Although it’s not crazy bad food, I have no intention of ever eating fast food again). I am enjoying foods I wasn’t able to have before in much lower amounts then before the transformation. Example before the transformation I would eat a whole pizza all to myself, now I have a couple of slices and I’m good to go. On November 16th I weighed in at 205lbs, this morning I weighed in at 210lbs; so only an increase of 5lbs, which I am very happy  with and proud of.

With that I end this week’s blog on an exciting note. For those who follow me on social media; Twitter, Instagram and Face Book I will be using Sunday to post tips, tricks and recipes for you to try and use in your own workout and meal planning. So if you are not following me on Face Book (Wild Will Wilson Athlete) or Twitter and Instagram @wildmanwill84 now is the time to do so.

Take care everyone and have a great week!



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