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Quinoa a superfood?

Fitastic November 22, 2013


Brown rice is the traditional go to carbohydrate for muscle building diets, but quinoa, a grain that was once a nutritional staple of Peruvian Incas, provide several distinct advantages, both nutritional and practically, over other classic carbs. The unique nutritional characteristics of quinoa may be due in part to the fact that it isn’t a grain, like rice instead, the quinoa plant whose seeds are harvested and eaten, more closely resembles spinach. One cup of quinoa contains 222 cal, 8 g protein, more zinc and magnesium and brown rice, and almost twice the fiber. But where Quinoa really sets itself apart as a top-notch muscle building food is in its amino acid profile and its place on the glycemic index. The glycemic index value of quinoa is only 53. This means you get a slower burn from the carbs in quinoa, giving you a sustained infusion of calories-and therefore energy-following your meal. Unlike the other carbohydrates in your diet, quinoa contains all the essential amino acids. From a practical standpoint, Quinoa also wins: it cooks up in just 15 minutes. Which is three times faster than brown rice. To prepare quinoa, use two parts water or chicken stock to one part quinoa. It can be eaten as a hot side dish with your protein of choice, or mixed in cold as the base of a muscle building salad.

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