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Are you committed?

What’s up Friends?

Sorry I wasn’t able to write for you guys last week. It has been crazy busy lately, between work at Life Time, training and prepping, oh yeah, and this cold that won’t quit! It started last Friday and I am finally normal today.  I still have a bit of cough and the sniffles but I am better than I have been this past week.

I write to you on Day #48 from the big unveil on November 16th. I also write some of the best news I personally have seen in the past year. This morning I weighed in a 223!! I haven’t seen that number on the scale since I was working at the Downtown Bally Total Fitness nearly 4 years ago. I’ve got to tell you it feels amazing to see these results, and I’m not even close to being done yet. Take that second 2 off that 223 number and you have an idea of where I want to be. Although I am happy with these results I was kicking myself for not buckling down and eating right every day. Had I have just done this weird thing and listened to every word Coach Steve said, I would have been at this weight a few months ago.

However, I can’t kick myself too hard. Being able to commit 100%, not cheat and do every single thing right takes time. I thought I could just jump right in like I do everything else and be fine. Guess what friends, I was wrong.  Yes, I was making big improvements, but I wasn’t ready mentally to give this the exact commitment that it needed.  It wasn’t until Coach Steve said “Will, it’s time to transform and here is the date” that something clicked. My brain and heart merged together and said yep now is the time, we both agree you can now give this the 100% commitment that it is going to take. I wish my brain and heart had agreed a few months ago.

Being fully committed is an interesting process. I am still getting cravings (more…)

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