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Keep your HEALTH to Enjoy your WEALTH

Steve October 22, 2013

Health and WealthPerhaps you’ve heard the phrase “The greatest wealth is health”.  Well these words ring true to all aspects of life, seeing in which most cases people are so concerned about their wealth management that they put their health management on the back burner.  Many lose their health to make more money… then later in life lose their money to revive their health.  To put in perspective, we have to come to the realization that health AND wealth are married together like peanut butter and jelly (ok, more like Chicken and Sweet Potato).

Almost everyone we know has a retirement plan.  They know exactly how much money they have in their checking/savings account, money market account, 401K, down to the final cent.  In addition they know how much money to budget to cover expenses.  However almost none of them can tell you their cholesterol levels or blood pressure reading, heck let alone their last Doctor checkup.  If people would put a fraction of their efforts toward HEALTH MANAGEMENT as what they invest into WEALTH MANAGEMENT, we would see a significant reduction in early heart attacks, chronic illness, and obesity in the US.

It’s a simple equation if you think about it.  You have to have enough coin in your account to pay your bills, right?!  The remaining green makes your account FAT.  Now, taking your terms of Health into consideration, start thinking about calories like money and your body as the bank.  You will soon see that losing and or managing your weight is also a simple system.  Just as you know how much money you have to sustain your bills, you should know how many calories your body requires to achieve or maintain your desired weight.

Consider using the Fitastic fitness program plan of attack as your “financial planner” for all your fitness needs!

Strength Training

Fat Loss

Beginner Body Weight

In good health,

Team Fitastic

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