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“Pre” Prep Update

wildmanwill84 September 5, 2013

Pre Prep Update

I hope you all enjoyed my most recent series on Fitness Bull!@#$. It was really fun to write; however, I’m going to switch gears now and focus on my current training program and nutrition.

I am now on Week 2 of 4 of what Coach and I are calling “Pre Prep”. My potential first show is looking to be in May.  So, before I begin the actually week by week prep for that show, we have to see what my mind and body can handle. One simply does not jump into prep without practice, knowledge, discipline and patience.  I will also need to build a lean physique to see what areas will need more attention. Will it be my back, chest, legs or arms? Coach and I will not know this until the body fat % is cut down.

Since I am leaning out the body the meal plan has changed drastically. Gone are the cheat meals, the extra meals, the high caloric intake and of course unnecessary carbs.  We have definitely cleaned up the meal plan from the previous weeks. I’m sure you all know by now that I despise the “clean eating” movement (truly one of the dumbest things I have ever heard). So to clarify I am eating lean cuts of meats, more complex carbs and unprocessed fats. Examples include:

  • Proteins: Whey protein, baked chicken and baked cod                                                 discipline
  • Carbs: Waxy-Maize, Steel Cut Oats, Basmati Rice and Whole Grain Pasta
  • Fats: Almonds and Peanut Butter
  • Veggies: Spinach, Mixed Greens and Snow Peas

These are just a few of the items that I eat on a daily basis. As I said before, I am not having a cheat meal for these 4 weeks.  Why? For one major reason: discipline. Discipline is the biggest and most important factor during any kind of prep for a show. I have to be able to prove to myself and my Coach that I have the discipline. I have to prove that I won’t be eating cookies in my bed 4 weeks away from my show in May.

Workouts have not seen as drastic of a change. I am currently following Coach’s Fitastic workout plan he put together for me using the Fitastic Workout Builder. Right now I am following a week by week program where each week is labeled Easy, Medium, Medium-Hard, Hard and Very Hard. Based on the week will determine the muscle group breakdown, the tempo, the weight and, of course, the set and rep range. This current week is a medium hard week. The weight is slightly lower but the volume is high (personally I love high volume workouts). My current muscle group break down is:

  • Sunday:  Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Back/Traps/Biceps
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
  •  Friday: Back/Biceps/Legs
  • Saturday: Off

As you can see Coach has me hitting each muscle group 2 times per week. I’m sure that will not change; however, the groups will as I progress through his program.

1305674160-quotes-motivational-body-exercise-wallpaper-wallpaperAs far as results go, I can say that since I have started this plan (which I began to follow a week ago) I have dropped 12lbs, have seen increased energy and feel amazing after each workout. I am not tired, cranky or disappointed.  Needless to say I am pretty happy with the results. Coach and I will more than likely be taking measurements on Friday. I will post those over the weekend.

I will be updating you week to week on my progress as well as any changes we make throughout the 4 week of pre prep. Don’t worry though, after these next three weeks I will be doing a new series on new diet fads such as Clean Eating or Paleolithic.

Be sure to follow the Project Physique journey on Face Book and Like the Wild Will Wilson Athlete page. Post your comments, your own success stories and, of course, as you all know, I love a good workout meme. See the journey through pictures and up to the minute updates on Instagram and Twitter @wildmanwill84.

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