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Just say NO to cravings and YES to Fitastic!

wildmanwill84 September 17, 2013

I hope everyone reading this is doing well working towards those goals and working on that positive mental attitude.  I am doing pretty well here myself. By the time this goes to post it will be #60days till the official Wild Will Transformation is unveiled at the Kevin Noble show on Nov 16th. It has been an interesting few weeks getting used to the meal plan, the workouts and the changes that my mental and physical body are going through.

Fun fact: my meal plan is changing once again. Coach Steve hasn’t given me the details but I’m going to assume it will involve less carbs. The one thing I do know for certain is that he is going to eliminate my Peanut Butter intake.  Hey, no one said this was going to be easy! As I have said before nothing worth having comes without hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

Oh YEAH!!!

Oh YEAH!!!

Speaking of sacrifice, the most rewarding part of my prep thus far has been my ability to say NO, when it comes to craving less than stellar nutrient dense meals.  That has always been my weakness.  I will say no on Monday, cave on Tuesday, feel guilty and say no on Wednesday, then cave again on Thursday. It’s a vicious cycle. Lately, though, when I feel the need to cheat on my meal plan I say no and it sticks (for longer than 24 hours).  I don’t know if it is because I am more dedicated, have more accountability, am on a time clock, the writing on the hand or the workouts. I feel great when I drive past a McDonalds, see dessert on a menu or walk past the frozen pizza section at the store and go nope, no thank you, and move right along. Not only does my body feel better physically and look better physically but my mental strength has improved as well. It is really a great feeling to know that I am stronger mentally than I thought I was. That doesn’t mean that I will never have pizza, ever again (come on I’m only human). However, it’s good to know that during prep time I have the will power (pun fully intended) to say No, stick to this, and move on without a second thought. It has taken a long time to get to this point, A LONG TIME!! Please do not think that I just took out a marker, wrote on my hand and went ok I have the power of NO. This took time in the making; I was mentally ready to take on this task at this point.

I have attached an update of my measurements for you guys to see how the transformation has been going so far. As you can see it has not been drastic. This is a slow moving process for sustainable and healthy results. I suppose I could have just bought a bunch of supplements and starved myself and maybe they would be more drastic, but where is the fun in that?! I know people are all about instant gratification and quick results. I personally don’t understand why? It’s the journey that builds your body and character. No one is truly an overnight success.

Ok friends time to introduce a new installment into the blog, and that is you! I want to hear from you. I want you to go to the Fitastic Face Book page and share your transformation and your successes. Even if it seems small to you it could be big to someone else. Your story, like mine, could help others. Trust me it’s the best feeling in the world. So go now and share a success on the page. Be sure to Tag me Will Wilson on your post. I will also share your post on twitter and instagram. Speaking of which be sure to follow me on both @wildmanwill84 along with @feelfitastic.  Let’s get this Fitastic revolution started!!

Operation   Physique Noble
Measurement   Tracking Transformation
7/20/2012 8/21/2012 10/2/2012 11/20/2012 3/1/2013 6/13/2013 9/10/2013 Varience
Body Weight: 230 225 234 237 lbs
Body Fat %: 27% 18% 16% 17% %
Beginning of 2012
Neck: 16.25 N/A N/A 16.5 16.5 16.5
Shoulders: 51.5 52.25 51.5 51.5 51.25 51.75 51.25
Chest: 44.75 43.75 44.25 44.75 43.5 44.25 44
Waist: 37.5 36.75 38 39 41 40 39
R Arm: 15.75 15.5 15.25 15.75 16 16.125 15.75
L Arm: 15.875 15.5 15.25 15.75 16 16.125 16
R Thigh: 25.875 25.5 27 25.75 25.5 25.75 26.25
L Thigh: 25.875 25.5 26.5 25.75 26 26.125 26.5
R Calf: 17.375 17.25 17.125 17 16.875 17.125 17.375
L Calf: 17.5 17.375 17.25 17.25 17.375 17.625 17.5


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