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Fitness Bull!@#$ Part 1

wildmanwill84 August 8, 2013

Fitness Bull!@#$ – Part 1

I was inspired to write about Fitness Bull!@# after seeing 5 different articles about Health and Fitness on Yahoo.com. I read all 5 articles, not a single one listed a reference or an accredited fitness journal; nor did they give any new information.  They all just rearranged current information with a new spin. Most of what I read was aimed at women, especially what exercises women should or should not be doing. What really made me laugh was how most of these articles discussed how to get that “sexy butt”, “better abs”, “sexy arms” and, yes, even “bigger boobs”. Apparently it’s only ok for women to think of themselves as sex objects when it relates to fitness. Can I get an AMEN from all the feminists out there?

Check out these Fitastic examples!


Now just when I thought I couldn’t get more angered at what I saw on the internet, I clicked on the TV.  Within a few minutes I saw a commercial for Dr. Oz with this quack stating “Fish is now bad for you. I’ll tell you why next week.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

After doing some living room pushups to calm myself down, I knew I had to write about this topic. So, I began my research. WOW just WOW. There is so much crap out there! I couldn’t believe half of the crap I read, and the worst part is that most of it was from well-known and “well-respected” publications, such as In Shape magazine. It’s no wonder so many people are still obese or have given up! They don’t know what to believe.

Here is Wild Will’s Top 10 Crap Fitness Tips, Gimmicks and Products. Please, if you are doing any of these things or using any of these items, do yourself a favor and STOP!!!

1)      The Shake Weight: Good God, do I really need to spell this one out for you?

2)      Weight Watchers: The points are based off of a healthy person, not an overweight overeater.

3)      Anything said by Dr. Oz, ever! This man openly admits he stretches the truth for ratings.

4)      Any “new” diet program featured on Good Morning America, The View or The Today Show.

5)      Skinny wraps: Sorry wearing a coarsest will not make you skinny, but it will crush you organs.

6)      Don’t eat before bed: Go read the science on this one. Wait, can’t find it? Exactly!

7)      Don’t eat carbs: Again, please find me the actual science on sustainable results.

8)      Women shouldn’t lift weight: Right because all those groceries, babies, shopping bags, boxes, files, purses, etc . don’t weigh anything.

9)      Meat is bad: This is usually said by people who look like skin and bones. Um, there is a bad reason for that. Also, remember, Potato Chips are Vegan friendly.

10)   Juicing Works: Only if you want to be miserable the rest of your life.

There you go friends. Just do the exact 180 degree opposite of the above list and you will have made 10 choices that will help you live a better way of life.


So now you are probably asking, “Well, ok, Wild Will, why is your information correct? Why should I be listening to you?” Those are both fair and excellent questions. You should be questioning me.  I want you to question me; the same way you should question everything you hear when it comes to health and fitness.   Go do your own research! When you read an article, look for the references and go check them. Please read the science behind the statements made. The health and fitness industry is sadly not regulated at all. There is not a single official person who is going to read this blog and then demand to see the facts. You have to do it yourself.

I, personally, use a lot of different sources and people. The main people that I follow and get information from are Dr. Layne Norton, Jeremy Loenneke, Spotmebro.com, Broscience.com and Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan. If you are curious, please, check these people and websites out. They are all amazing. My biggest reason for following and listening to these people is that they back up every single article and statement with science; and they conveniently provide the links to read the studies.

That concludes Part 1 on this topic. Part 2 is going to focus more on Bro Science. We will then conclude with Part 3; which will focus on how to read and evaluate the data from the studies.

Do me a favor my friends please take everything you read about health and fitness with a grain of salt. Think about what you are reading and think about the why and how. Be a cynic and question everything; it’s your body and your life after all. Have some control over what goes in it.

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