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Back & Knee Pain

Fitastic August 28, 2013

Bad knees and a bad lower back has kept people from training legs hard and heavy. How can you work out around this limitation?


Some people may disagree, but unless you have documented disk or neurological problems you’re trouble mite stem from not training hard enough. Remember all connective tissues ligaments tendons and cartilage get stronger just like muscles do when you work them. The simple fact is that as you age things start to hurt.  Get an expert to evaluate your injuries but be aware that when people assume they have a herniated disc it’s often a soft tissue injury relating to very small  intricate muscles that weave around the vertebrae. Which are easily strained.

Here are a few tips to help avoid such strains. 
  • Keep your posture perfect on exercises such as squats before increasing weights.
  • Make sure your balance and stability on my exercises is rock solid before increasing intensity.
  • Work both sides of the body unilaterally via one-leg, extensions, curls, presses, and lunges to promote proper balance.

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