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Stubborn Calves No Longer

Steve July 17, 2013

Who else has stubborn calves that refuse to grow???

Calves require a large variation in training styles in order to grow as mentioned several times here at Fitastic.  Because the calves are constantly under tension every time we take a step we need to create more of an overload on the muscle group to induce growth.  3 sets of 12 at the end of your workout (if that) just isn’t going to cut it.

Try moving your calf training to the start of your workout when you are fresh and can handle those heavier weights.
Mix it up everyday by changing from heavy for minimal reps (4-6), light for maximum reps (50+), and remember to change the angle of your feet (toes in, toes out) to work the inner and outer heads of the calf muscles.

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