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Positive about Failing

“Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their own minds” -Napoleon Hill

Please read that quote a few more times and let it really sink in. I read that today in a book called “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill. As I read it, I felt like something slapped me accross the face. I thought about all those times I have felt like quitting this body transformation.  Where I said, “maybe this isn’t for me,” or  “I’m not cut out for this.” Nothing actually happened that would constitute failure.  I have NOT been injured.  I have lost weight.  I have seen a drop in my body fat.  I have seen lean muscle gains. Why the hell do I feel like I am failing and I want to quit??? I would consider all these things successes.  If a person is succeeding why on earth would they even think about quitting?  More to the point, why would they call themselves a failure?

When we let negative thoughts and negative people in, we begin to doubt our potential.  I personally have had a lot of negative feedback thrown my way.  There are people at work telling me that I am going to fail just because they don’t agree with my meal or workout plan. There are people at the gym who make ignorant comments based on what they see, not knowing anything about the process of a body transformation like this. Then there are people who know nothing about fitness in general, but still feel the need to inject their negativity into my head.

A negative mindset and self doubt can be the primary obstacles to success. Self doubt that results (more…)

Should you worry about muscle loss during extended breaks?

Every once in a while, you have to take a break, whether you want it or not.  As exercise addicts, it’s only natural to worry about losing precious muscle gains over all these countless years invested.  So how long does it take before you see noticeable reduction in muscle size?  Is there a clear-cut formula to calculate the time before it sets in?


Doesn’t Happen As Quickly As You Fear


May vary between individuals–like everything–but 2 weeks of inactivity is a good bet as to when some semi-noticeable muscle loss might take place.  Some people are so paranoid that they think they lose muscle by the hour when not eating right and/or working out.

As long as you provide your body with the nutrients it needs (protein specifically for muscle maintenance), it’s won’t be breaking down muscle tissue.  While big muscles are not naturally needed by the body, they won’t dwindle away rapidly if no stimulus (gym) is present.



Muscle Loss Depends On A Few Factors


Sorry, no copy-paste formula for yet another fitness concept… It all depends.  You should take everything you read/hear into consideration and make out the assumption most specific to your circumstances.


  • Unfair genetics
    Your genetics play a role; some people are naturally more muscular.
  • Level of inactivity
    Just how sedentary will you be during the rest-period?  Some minimal physical activity can slow down the “degradation”.
  • What you eat
    Your eating habits! Eat plenty of protein to maintain the muscles and just enough carbohydrates to not (more…)

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