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Get Some Motivation

wildmanwill84 July 19, 2013

Motivation: a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. It can be considered a driving force; a psychological one that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal.  Motivation is the purpose or psychological cause of an action.

What is your motivation?  What do you think about or envision when you wake up in the morning?  What fuels you to live a better way of life or lift that extra weight?  What pushes you to go the gym when you are tired and really don’t feel like it?  Think about that while you read along.

My motivation doesn’t come from looking at one picture of current top physique athlete, or watching just one weight lifting video on YouTube.  My motivation comes from those who told me, “You cannot do this.”

Yes, I do follow top physique athletes to help my motivation levels; and yes, I will watch a YouTube video here or there.  That all helps, but when I am down and out and feel like I cannot do this much longer, I think about the people who told me I cannot do this.  I think about those that tell me I will never achieve my goals.  I take their hate and negative words as fuel to my fire and drive.

As an example, when I first started working with Coach Steve at Fitastic, I told a bodybuilder at my gym that I was going to be competing.  He looked at me and laughed and said “well you might want to start dieting soon.”  At first I was hurt and taken aback, but in a split second something clicked, and I looked back at him and said “thank you, that comment just won me my first show.”

Ever since then I have used his words to fuel me when I don’t want to work out or push through that one bonus rep.  On this journey I have encountered a lot of negativity from people, who say I can’t or I won’t.  These are the people that have given up on themselves and their dreams, and they want more people at their pity party.  Trust me my friends, you do not want to go to their parties.  You are someone who strives for something better; who knows that the hard road ahead is worth it.  You also know that you have to keep going and push harder because at the end of the day you have a lot of people you need to prove wrong.  Use their lack of motivation to fuel you.  Turn a negative into a positive.

I want you to think about all the people that you look up to or admire.  For me it’s of course Arnold, the god of bodybuilding.  He is a true motivator.  Of course there is Coach Steve a true competitor who motivates me to work harder; not just in the gym, but in life as well.  Then there are current physique athletes: Steve Cook, Ryan Hughes and Cory Hamm, and bodybuilders: Josh Hallady, Josh Landry, and Bard Rowe.  These top athletes post pictures, workouts and the like.  Seeing those who are currently achieving what I want to achieve is also great motivation for me.  It shows me that with hard work and determination it can be done.  Now think about whom you admire or are motivated by.  Then, think about all the people who told them they can’t do it or will never make it.  Do you know who they are?  No?  EXACTLY!!  You don’t and you never will.  When all is said and done the people who said no or can’t are never heard from again.  You are heard from, you succeed, and you win.  Not them.  Remember this when you get down on yourself about your goals, or when you don’t see all the results you want to see right away.  It takes time and motivation.

Think about your motivation, what works for you is what works.  Not based on what I say or what other people say, it is what you say.  Now take your motivated self out there and crush your next workout!

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