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Fitastic steps to get past any exercise plateau!

Steve July 9, 2013

Maintaining a consistent and intense fitness routine definitely shows its rewards, however what do you do when you hit that proverbial plateau that your body and mind must break out of?  Take any of these solid and simple recommendations to revamp you to top peaked performance!

1. Take A Planned Recovery Week of Rest.  Give your muscles proper time to rebuild and repair.  Your body will thank you…
2. Post-Failure Heavy Overloading Method; On your last set if you haven’t beaten your personal best weight and reps, you will rack the weight, rest for no longer than 20-25 seconds then pick it back up and pump out as many more as you can.

3. Drop Sets- If you have reached failure on an example set of 8 reps and want to further fatigue the muscle group to try stimulate new growth, simply have a lighter set of weights ready to go and jump right into another set to failure.

4. Superset Training with at least two similar muscle group exercises with minimal rest between transition.  You’ve seen several strategies posted in the past; now DO IT!  Keep total superset reps to 8-10 max for great growth.

5. Forced Assisted Rep Training- with GOOD form have a reliable spotter help you finish a set that you can’t do on your own.

6. Choose A New Rep Range Completely- Changing reps and sets can shock the muscles and stimulate new growth.  You should change your sets and reps every 4-6 weeks.

7. Exercise Variable Modifications- Change variables such as grip position, foot placement, changing from barbell to dumbbell and vice versa.

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