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Summer of Strength Week 1

wildmanwill84 June 30, 2013

Hello Fit Fam,

What a week it has been! As you may remember from last week Coach and I are focusing on the summer of strength. By focusing on strength I will achieve 3 major goals: getting stronger, building more lean muscle tissue and losing body fat. Speaking of body fat, I am not sure if you saw on my Facebook page, but I went from 22% Body Fat to 17% Body Fat! That was very exciting news and my motivation skyrocketed.

Now onto the results from last week.  I performed 3 different strength tests to determine the baseline of where my strength currently lies. The barbell squat, the bench press and the pull up. I performed a 3 t0 5 rep max and Coach Steve used his 1 rep max formula to come up with the following numbers:

The Barbell Squat 386lbs. The Bench Press 255lbs. The Pull Up 264lbs.

I was very happy and surprised with these results. I was the most surprised by the bench press at 255lbs. That is leaps and bounds from where I was at a year ago when I first began this journey!  I always avoided the bench press because I didn’t want to embarrass myself with how little I could lift.  Now I feel no embarrassment whatsoever. Why? Because I know I am getting stronger each day.  Coach Steve and I will be retesting in 6 weeks to see how our strength training program is going.

As for nutrition Coach Steve has lowered my kcals down from 3500 to 3000. My macro breakdown is still the same (50% carb, 35% protein, 15% fat), but I will be packing slightly smaller portions when I do prep on Sunday.

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Stay Positive,


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