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Indonesian Chicken!

Fitastic June 30, 2013

 Serves 2


 8 oz. boneless raw chicken breast

1 cup chopped raw onion

½ cup jalapeno raw sliced

5 cups raw shredded cabbage

2 cups sliced raw red pepper

2 cups 1% fat milk

4 tsp. cornstarch

5 tsp. extra virgin olive oil

6 cloves raw garlic

2 tsp. raw ginger root

1 tsp. turmeric ground

1 tsp. coriander leaf (dried cilantro, Chinese parsley)

1 tsp. curry powder


 In non-stick sauté pan combine onion, jalapeno pepper, spices, milk and chicken. Poach (lightly simmer) until chicken is done. Mix cornstarch with a little water to dissolve add to pan and cook for 3-5 minutes. In separate pan cook cabbage and red peeper in oil until tender. Divide cabbage between 2 plates and top with chicken. Serve Immediately.


 Calories per serving 475

Protein 39g

Carbohydrate 45g

Fat 16g

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