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Anytime Motivation!

Steve May 28, 2013

Professionally developing and adhering to successful client training programs for 15+ years, I’ve often come across those clients with the occasional proverbial mental roadblock requiring the extra motivation to push through. 

Provided are a few fitness tips to gain ANYTIME MOTIVATION to change it up!

1.      FRESH AIR:  Take your workout outside- exercise benefits both the mind and the body.  For recommendations on outdoor activity, follow our Fitastic featured fitness tips at feelfitastic.com.

2.      A BALANCE OF GOALS:  Especially when it comes to weight loss and building lean muscle, you should set both weekly goals and long term (3 month) goals.  Written down goals hold a personal and potentially public accountability when you share it with others.

3.      EYES ON THE PRIZE:  Offer yourself rewards for reaching your goals- anything from an outfit to a spa day.  Other than food, treat yourself to a well-deserved fitness milestone achieved.   

4.      A SMOOTH FINISH:  Prevent treating your cool-down time like an afterthought.  How your workout ends can be powerful.  Those whose exercise includes an adequate cool-down are more likely to commit to their next scheduled workout.  Theory: The last thing remembered about the session is the easier, relaxed pace.


Not only are these actions to sustain motivation through your program, they are to keep things interesting while reducing stress along the way.  Exercise isn’t a chore; it’s an opportunity! 

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