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Three Moves for a Rounder Booty!

Fitastic April 9, 2013

Three exercises you must include from the workout builder for nice round glutes. Adding these exercises to your leg day and you will definitely get your glutes in the right direction. For full description on how to perform these exercises watch the video and read the description by clicking on the left corner of the video on the builder.




If you’re female and you’re still doing those “butt squeeze” toning movements you got out of a ladies only mag, puhleeze! Get under a bar, put heavy weights on it, squat… and then see what happens to those glutes of yours. Squat as low as you can while maintaining proper technique/posture. Make sure you don’t forget to squeeze your glutes. For more target on hamstrings and glutes position your feet slightly wider that shoulder width.




Using stabilizer muscles and squeezing your glutes through the movement will get your glutes firing. Make sure you get nice and low with proper technique/posture. Don’t forget to keep your core tight and hips tucked. The buso will challenge your balance making you utilize more muscles.



Find a platform slightly higher than 90 deg with your foot on it, and execute this exercise by exploding up and squeezing your glutes at the top.



Be sure to go heavy enough to perform 12 reps for maximum muscle growth, but not so light were you can perform 20 reps. Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps of each exercise on your leg day. Going heavy does not make you get big, and going light does not make you burn more fat, these are both myths.

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