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Sexy Back

Fitastic April 23, 2013

Not only will a strong back look sexy. It is crucial for maintaining functional movement and preventing back injuries. A great way to train your back for maximum results is by using cables. They keep your muscles under constant tension while putting less stress on your joints than free weights. They’re very versatile because you can adjust the angle and height to customize the apparatus to fit your needs. Also using cables help isolate the working muscles, allowing you to develop more detail and separation.


The first exercise, the straight-arm pull-down, is a single-joint move that targets and pre-exhaust the upper lats.



Next is the traditional lat pull down if you have a pre-existing shoulder problem you will hit your lats effectively while avoiding shoulder impingement. 



The lats and middle back are generally where you derive the most power, and the one-arm cable row will thoroughly target your lower lats. 



Last exercise is back extension, which are a great way to finish off your routine a great way to target you lower back and core.



You can insert this workout into your regular training split once or twice a week, but it shouldn’t become your sole back workout. Make sure you adjust your routine to include a mix of cables, free weights, and machine moves.


The Routine

Exercise                                       Sets             Reps

Straight-arm pull down             3                 15

Lat pull down                               3                 12

Single arm cable row                 3               8-10

Back extension                            3                 15

Challenge your self by incorporating drop sets and forced reps into second and third exercise. Take 30-60 second rests based on your level of fitness and goals. Have fun and look BACK.

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