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Who is controlling you?

Fitastic January 27, 2013

It is true that heredity plays a major role in how difficult it will be for you to lose fat.  However, excess body fat is the result of many influences.  Genetics is only one of them.  Most of the factors that affect body composition are entirely under your control.  Like it or not, the primary cause of excess body fat is your own behavior and attitudes.  NO matter what your body type or genetic potential, you can always lose fat by taking consistent action in all the areas you control.

If you have excess body fat, and you want to lose it permanently, the first step is to accept 100% total responsibility for your circumstances.  We are products of our own thinking and belief systems.  We create our circumstances through positive thinking and positive action, and we create negative circumstances through negative thinking, lack of action and wrong actions.

When you’re not getting the results you want, the easiest thing to do is to cast the blame somewhere else and make excuses: “It’s my genetics,” “I have big bones,” “I have a slow metabolism”, “I don’t have enough time to exercise,” etc.   But if you don’t accept that you’re in control, how can you ever expect to succeed?  Recognize that you need to make change in order for change to occur.  Take control of you life check out the factors you control below.

 The Factors you Control

 How much you eat

What you eat

When you eat

What type of exercise you do 

How frequently you exercise

How long you exercise 

How hard you exercise  

Your overall lifestyle

Your mental attitude about your situation 



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