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The WHOLE truth about Wheat Bread

Steve January 28, 2013

You’ve made the commitment to really focus on getting enough fiber in your meals.  So you pick up a loaf of wheat bread instead of your usual white bread of choice.  Heed caution- just because bread is brown in color or is labeled as Wheat Bread, doesn’t mean that it’s WHOLE Wheat Bread.

All bread, white or wheat, is made with wheat flour.  However in some bread, the flour is refined.  These brown breads receive their darker color from caramel coloring, not from the type of flour used.  By law regulations, any bread that is labeled WHOLE Wheat must be made from 100% Whole-wheat flour, although the amount used may vary depending on the brand.  The flour that is labeled first in the ingredient list is the one present in the greatest amount.

To find high-fiber breads, read the Nutrition Facts and ingredient lists.  For maximum fiber impact, choose breads that list Whole-wheat or Whole-grain flour as their main ingredient.

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