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Jump on it! Heighten Your Results

Steve January 15, 2013

Looking for an alternative to boost up your exercise routine to get that extra edge on performance or fat loss?  Plyometric exercises may be just what the doctor ordered.  Plyometric exercises are high-intensity, forceful, explosive moves designed to increase muscle speed and power to enhance your body’s ability to burn calories.  Originally used in training drills for athletes, plyometrics have found their way into fitness programs and group exercise classes everywhere.
Plyometrics often involve jumping, pushing, or tossing.  In a standard step up exercise, for instance, a plyometric approach would be to jump on and off a platform rather than stepping on and off.  Typical resistance exercises, such as push-ups, can be explosive as well.  No extreme exercise equipment is needed, seek and search for numerous plyometric exercises in the Fitastic Workout Builder.  https://feelfitastic.com/?s=plyometric (just to include a few examples).

If there were any downside, plyometric progressions can potentially be hard on the joints if not executed properly.  It’s not recommended that you perform plyometric movements into your routine if you’ve had previous injury to your knees, ankles or other joints.

Don’t just step up to the challenge, Jump Up!

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