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Lose yourself in this 3-Step Strategy to Dodge the Extra Calories at Holiday Parties!

Steve December 26, 2012

The concept is bold, but you can actually avoid those daunting calories and lose weight over the holidays.  This can be done without missing out on all of the delightful foods that the season has to offer.   Rest assure you don’t have to carry around and whip out your food scale to log everything in your food journal at every holiday gathering or New Year’s Eve party you attend. So leave your measuring cup at home, and just follow these three simple steps when you are out celebrating this holiday season.

  1. Check out the Potluck or Buffet table BEFORE getting in line – Doing a recon pass before you get in line at potlucks and buffets helps you avoid front loading when you visit the buffet table.  How many times have you gone to a buffet or potluck and noticed that your plate is already full before you are even close to the end of the buffet?  If you check out everything first, you can be selective and save space on your plate for the foods you really want to eat.
  2. Leave space between the foods on your plate – By leaving space between the foods on your plate you reduce the amount of space that is available on it.  Less space for food on your place equals less food on your plate and inevitably in your belly.  Take heed though, this is MUCH more difficult than it sounds.  So make sure you do a thorough information gathering recon pass as advised in step 1.  If you feel that you aren’t being selective enough, then just take sample size portions to limit the amount of food on your plate. This way you can enjoy all the foods you want and feel good about how much you ate.
  3. Limit the amount of calories in your beverages – Cocktails are a big part of many social events and holiday parties are no exception.  Though it is always best not to consume any alcoholic beverages, if you are of age and choose to have a cocktail or two, it is important to remember that sugary drinks like margaritas, daiquiris and eggnog can have over 600 calories per pint!  So opt for drinks made with club soda or diet soft drinks that have no extra calories added from sugar.

By following these 3-steps, you can go to any holiday party this year with a plan to enjoy the evening and your favorite holiday foods, and not worry about overindulging.

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