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Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

Do your workouts include LUNGES, ROWS or PLANKS?  For many of you the answer is probably yes; after all they are fantastic exercises for working your legs, back and core.  The question remains, are you certain that you are performing these exercises correctly?  During our years of professional experience, we as a Fitastic Personal Training team have noticed that these three exercises are often done incorrectly.  Here is our advice about the common mistakes to be aware of when you do lunges, rows and planks, and how to properly perform them.


Q: What should people be aware of when doing LUNGES?                      

A: Lunges are a great lower body exercise when done correctly.  That being said, there are risks associated to performing the exercise incorrectly.

Mistake #1Letting the knee of your front leg travel forward when you are doing a lunge is a common mistake that you might not be aware of.

Correction#1 – Control your motion and the location of your knee. When you’re performing a lung, your knee needs to stay directly over your ankle, and remember to keep most of the weight of your front foot on your heel, not your toes. (more…)